In 1960, the first operational laser was constructed. It was a ruby laser. Once quite common in medical and industrial, Ruby Lasers have declined in popularity with the development of modern laser systems. Ruby Lasers have been used extensively in medical applications (eg. tattoo and hair removal) and industrial applications (eg. diamond cutting and holography). … Continue reading “Ruby Lasers”

Radio Frequency (RF) therapy uses beams of radio waves to heat sub-cutaneous tissue. RF Therapy is most widely used in treatments designed to improve skin laxity and diminish the appearance of cellulite. There are several different types of RF Therapy systems. High-power Radio Frequency platforms can also be used for ablative treatments. Certain types of … Continue reading “Radio Frequency (RF) Therapy”

Originally invented in the 1960’s Nd:YAG lasers are among the most common and widely used class of laser.  Nd:YAG lasers are frequently used for the treatment of acne scars. In addition acne scar treatment and other cosmetic applications, Nd:YAG lasers are also routinely employed in eye surgeries, dentistry, cancer treatment and a variety of industrial uses. … Continue reading “Nd:YAG Lasers”

Er:YAG and CO2 Lasers are the systems of choice for ablative laser skin resurfacing. Er:YAG Lasers are commonly used to repair skin damage, including acne scars and melasma (excess pigmentation). Er:YAG lasers are also routinely used to cut bone and tissue. They are used in laser dentistry and other surgical applications. How do Er:YAG Lasers Work? … Continue reading “Er:YAG Lasers”

Alexandrite Lasers are commonly used for laser hair removal and to treat areas of hyper-pigmentation on the skin (eg. melasma). Except for the treatment of hyper-pigmentation problems associated with acne scarring, Alexandrite Lasers are rarely used to treat active acne or acne scars. How does Alexandrite Laser Treatment Work? Alexandrite Lasers make use of the gemstone … Continue reading “Alexandrite Lasers”

Pulsed Dye Lasers (PDL) are occasionally used for the treatment of both active acne symptoms and acne scars. Although they can be used for multiple applications, Pulsed Dye Lasers are not usually not first-choice for the treatment of active acne or acne scars. How Does Pulsed Dye Laser Treatment Work? Dye Lasers get their name from … Continue reading “Pulsed Dye Lasers (PDL)”

Red Light Phototherapy is a treatment that involves exposing the skin to high intensity red light in the red spectrum. The purpose of the treatment is to reduce skin inflammation and accelerate healing. It is primarily used as a treatment for minor acne-scarring and to facilitate healing after an acne outbreak. Red Light Phototherapy is … Continue reading “Red Light Phototherapy”

Carbon Dioxide (C02) Laser systems are ablative laser systems that are commonly used for laser resurfacing procedures. CO2 Lasers are popular treatments for moderate to severe acne scars. C02 Lasers are capable of penetrating deep into the skin and underlying tissue. C02 Lasers are available at higher fluences (power) than many other laser systems used … Continue reading “C02 Lasers”