Olive Oil is an oil that is extracted from the fruit of the olive tree (Olea europaea). Olives are an important part of Mediterranean cultures and have been an farmed in the region for thousands of years. Olive Oil is widely used for cooking, but it is also used in Naturopathic medicine, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and as a … Continue reading “Olive Oil”

Jojoba Oil is extracted from the seeds of the Jojoba plant (Simmondsia chinensis). The Jojoba plant is native to the south eastern North America, along the border between the USA and Mexico. Jojoba had many uses for the Native Americans that lived in the area, including the treatment of skin infections and wounds. Jojoba Oil is widely … Continue reading “Jojoba Oil”

Coconut Oil is extracted from the fruit of the Coconut Palm (Cocos nucifera). Raw Coconut Oil, which has a creamy consistency at room temperature, is used extensively for culinary, cosmetic and other purposes. Fractionated Coconut Oil, which is liquid at room temperature, is used as a carrier oil for making blends of essential oils and other … Continue reading “Coconut Oil”