Multi-vitamins are nutritional supplements that combine many vitamins, minerals and other nutrients into a single formulation. Regular intake of a balanced multi-vitamin at the recommended dosage is an excellent way to maintain healthy levels of essential nutrients in your body. Multi-vitamins are rarely used as a direct treatment for acne, but they are often incorporated … Continue reading “Multi-Vitamins”

Fish Oil refers to the naturally occurring oils in the flesh of fish. Fish Oil is extracted from many types of fish and is among the most popular nutritional supplements on the market. Fish Oil is purported to have many health benefits, such as decreasing inflammation and improving skin tone. Fish Oil supplements are commonly included … Continue reading “Fish Oil”

Cod Liver Oil, like the name implies, is oil derived from the liver of Cod fish (Gadus spp). Cod Liver Oil has been used for centuries to treat various ailments and is widely lauded for its perceived anti-inflammatory effects. Cod Liver Oil is rarely used on its own as a treatment for acne, but it … Continue reading “Cod Liver Oil”

Chromium Picolinate Supplements help raise the amount of chromium present in the body. Small levels of dietary chromium are essential for normal metabolic function. Chromium-deficient patients have problems with blood sugar regulation and other essential metabolic processes. Chromium picolinate is a semi-popular supplement for athletic training. Chromium Picolinate supplements are also occasionally used in Naturopathic medicine … Continue reading “Chromium Picolinate”

Calcium Supplements are nutritional supplements that contain bio-available forms of elemental calcium. Calcium is an essential mineral that is most commonly used to improve bone density and limit the effects of osteoporosis. Many foods are either naturally rich in calcium (eg. Milk, Spinach) or fortified with additional calcium (eg. Breakfast Cereals). Calcium Supplements are rarely used … Continue reading “Calcium”

Alpha Lipoic Acid (aLA) is a compound that is naturally made by animals during cellular processes. Alpha Lipoic Acid is important for the function of many enzymes involved in aerobic (oxygen) respiration. Alpha Lipoic Acid supplements are widely available and are purported to have antioxidant properties and other effects that are beneficial for overall health. Alpha Lipoic Acid … Continue reading “Alpha Lipoic Acid”

Zinc is an essential trace mineral that is required by many human enzymes and cellular processes. Zinc is one of the most common supplements used in the Naturopathic treatment of acne. Both topical and oral Zinc formulations are used as acne treatments. Zinc is one of the most extensively researched nutritional supplements for acne, and their … Continue reading “Zinc”

Vitamin K is a fat soluble dietary nutrient that is essential for the binding of proteins to calcium. Vitamin K deficiencies can lead to bone weakening and blood coagulation problems. Vitamin K is rarely used as a Naturopathic treatment for acne. There is no reliable evidence that indicates Vitamin K supplementation has a significant effect on acne … Continue reading “Vitamin K”

Vitamin E is a fat soluble dietary nutrient that is found in many types of plant-based oils, nuts, vegetables and fish. Vitamin E refers to a group of tocopherol and tocotrienol compounds, which have antioxidant properties and are essential for many important biological functions. Vitamin E is one of the most popular vitamin supplements. Vitamin E … Continue reading “Vitamin E”

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that is important for many biological systems, including the immune system. Vitamin D is not naturally present in many foods, but it is commonly added to certain types of food (eg. Milk, Breakfast Cereal). In humans, Vitamin D is synthesized in the skin when it is exposed to … Continue reading “Vitamin D”